Our Company

We empower organizations to turn their data into tangible business value.

Our mission is to help companies democratize data knowledge within their organization, unlike other solutions, we’re scalable and instantly accessible to everyone.

Our story

Here's how Lyntics was born, our story in a nutshell.


The idea is born

Scaling data science has always been one of our major challenges. Building a team of over 50 data scien­tists distributed across the globe, supporting some of the biggest players in the Forbes 2000 list was hard. Enabling our staff and our clients used to be difficult and extremely time consuming. We knew we needed to find a way to democ­ratize expert knowledge and make immedi­ately it available to the rest.


Our beginnings

What was meant as an internal knowledge solution at first, quickly attracted the interest of our clients as well. Even large enter­prises like Swisscom or Getinge quickly joined our devel­opment partnership program and began to realize the value of our data literacy platform, Lyntics. They quickly began to notice the value it brings for their own data analytics teams.


Strong demand

With research leaders like Gartner naming poor data literacy one of the major roadblocks for all analytics teams, we began to realize the magnitude of the problem. Client requests kept us on our toes, trying to catch up with the demand. We knew we're onto something. We had to grow fast to cope with the demand and interest we kept receiving from the outside world.


First funding

To support our expansion, strengthen global talent acqui­sition and cope with the accel­er­ating demand, we decided to add first VC funds to our board. That's why we carefully selected local partners with deep knowledge of the SaaS market, and distinct personal backgrounds in the data analytics industry.


Leading the category

We continue our quest to revolu­tionize the data industry and become a leader in data literacy platforms. We're passionate about helping companies to scale their analytics teams efficiently so that they can begin to realize real returns from their data analytics invest­ments moving forward.

Our vision

To become the World’s leading brand in data literacy.

Our values

We're a human-centric company.

Our product was born out of necessity. That's why we stay committed to truly understanding our customers and their challenges.


We continue to innovate and never stop exploring.


We aim to change the world for the better.


We always focus on our customers and their needs.


We strive for maximum security (ISO & IT Security Standards).

Our Team

Meet our people

At Lyntics, we lead a technological revolution in data literacy. We're a team of data enthusiasts, software experts, pioneers and innovators.

Andreas Kloetzel
Andreas Kloetzel
Co-Founder & CEO
Rebecca Balzer
Rebecca Balzer
Marketing Director
Annette Benigni
Annette Benigni
SDR Enterprise Teamleader
Louis Weissermel
Louis Weissermel
Venture Development Manager
Cathy Liou
Cathy Liou
Human Resource Manager
Allen CL Lin
Allen CL Lin
React Developer
WeiSheng Huang
WeiSheng Huang
Front-end Engineer
Yu-Wei Cheng
Yu-Wei Cheng
Software Engineer
Alexander Mischi
Alexander Mischi
CTO / Co-Founder
Thomas Haid
Thomas Haid
Senior Software Engineer

We're hiring!

Join our team and help us shape the future of data literacy.

Lyntics, where data makes sense.

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