Lyntics’ Data Literacy Whitepaper: The essential guide to democratizing data literacy

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  • why common approaches to dealing with data so often fail
  • why data literacy is the new core competency
  • the benefits of making everyone in your organization a data expert

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For organizations struggling with the challenges presented by big data, data literacy has become a crucial skill. On the one hand, businesses want to get the most out of expensive and complex business intelligence (BI) tools. On the other hand, there’s a lack of knowledge when it comes to truly understanding the structures, relations and underlying logic behind data. To help organizations recognize the importance of data literacy - not just for a handful of experts but for the entire workforce - Lyntics have released a new white paper: Data Literacy: How to Make Sense of Data.

The data literacy whitepaper outlines the challenges faced by organizations transitioning towards making more data-informed decisions. Beyond that, it discusses the difficulty of attracting and maintaining data experts. By drawing on the knowledge and experience gained through numerous data projects, the Lyntics team explains why many common approaches to dealing with data fail and why decision makers can be disappointed by the quality of the data analytics output of sophisticated BI tools. It makes the case for the most innovative solution: a data literacy platform to democratize data literacy, so that you can finally make sense of your data.

What’s in our data literacy whitepaper?

The free 25 page whitepaper is broken into four key sections:

  • What are the trends shaping the industry in big data, business intelligence and data analytics?
  • What is data literacy, and why do organizations struggle to cultivate this crucial skill?
  • Why do common approaches to dealing with data fail?
  • How does Lyntics’ innovative solution of a data literacy platform work?

Big Data: greater volume, variety and velocity than ever before - but how to extract value?

Ever heard of the five Vs of big data? Why data exists in greater volumes, variety, and at higher velocity than ever, and why trusting your data (veracity) and being able to make your data work for you (value) are so important. The first section of the whitepaper looks at the reasons for the growth and impact of BI tools but also why they require such a high level of competence and data knowledge to tap into truly useful data analytics results.

Data literacy: The new core competency

The second section defines data literacy and examines why this key competency, once seen as something only a few experts would possess, is now vital across all areas of a business. We learn how data literacy unlocks the true potential of cutting-edge data analytics software, and discover the benefits of democratizing data literacy across the workforce, including frontline workers.

Why common approaches to dealing with data don’t work

Expensive and complex BI tools don’t automatically lead to a seamless transformation of data into insights and decisions - and this whitepaper explains why. It looks at the problems of decentralized information in the form of data silos, and why data catalogs, though an essential resource, can be of limited use without further support and sufficient data knowledge. Also, we see how the time- and cost-intensive strategy of workplace data literacy training often leads to disappointing results.

The technological revolution: Lyntics’ data literacy platform

Finally, the whitepaper looks at the benefits of a new, innovative software category: the data literacy platform. Lyntics is leading the way with its solution, ensuring that company knowledge is immediately usable and searchable across all company boundaries. It provides relevant information about data assets at a glance, and reduces complexity for users. Democratizing data literacy in this way means that companies have less pressure to recruit and maintain data experts, and helps deliver the long-promised ROI on sophisticated BI-tools and data analytics software.

Data literacy for everyone: why we wrote the whitepaper

Lyntics is offering the world’s first data literacy platform. We are a team of data enthusiasts, software experts, pioneers and innovators committed to leading a technological revolution in data literacy.

First developed as an internal knowledge solution for Lyntics’ own staff and clients, the scale of the challenges facing organizations when it came to making sense of their data became clear. Having realized the magnitude of the problem, we wanted to share this knowledge, to identify some of the key roadblocks facing companies as they struggle against the very real challenges in recruiting and maintaining data experts, in closing data knowledge gaps in their organization, and when bringing data literacy to their workforce.

The whitepaper is intended to give decision makers within organizations an overview of the challenges but also the opportunities of bringing data literacy to their business. It will also be an essential resource for anyone who wants to find out more about data literacy and a chance to see what a transformative effect democratizing these skills can have on their workplace.

Make sense of your data

Download the free whitepaper now and learn how to:

  • Relieve the pressure of recruiting and retaining a handful of data experts
  • Save time and money on training sessions by giving users data literacy at the push of a button
  • Give employees the flexibility and confidence to make the right, data-driven decisions in the moment
  • Democratize the core competency of data literacy

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